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Aisha Durham develops and facilitates workshops about media literacy and qualitative research methods for academic institutions and community organizations.


Poetic Transcription

As a method of ethnographic inquiry and representation strategy, poetic transcription can open interpretive space to deepen understanding and bridge experience using embodied, emotive and evocative language that encourages full sensory engagement. The workshop facilitator will provide an overview of the approach adapted in performance ethnography, and work with participants who will conduct brief interviews, analyze transcripts to excavate imaginative possibilities, and compose and perform poetic, critically-reflexive texts.  No background in performance or ethnography is required.

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Sage Research Methods

An Introduction to the Autoethnographic Method

Professor Aisha Durham outlines the principal concepts of autoethnography. She highlights autoethnography in terms of embodiment, experience, and evocative writing. Durham provides an example of performance autoethnography at the conclusion of the tutorial.

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