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As a recognized researcher and educator, Aisha Durham routinely presents her perspectives on popular culture to audiences in the academy and broader community.  Check out recent media appearances, research talks, and cultural criticism.


Television Critism

TV Commentary - Durham describes representational politics and the significance of the Black South on television.

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Cultural Commentary - Durham describes her participation in the production of the anthology.

Business Insider 50 Years of HH.webp

50 Years of Hip Hop

Cultural Commentary - Durham identifies the sociopolitical  and historical conditions shaping hip hop culture.


University of Tampa (FL)

Mining memory, Durham recalls her southern roots to narrate her hip hop becoming. Durham’s performance-informed autoethnography and embodied cultural criticism in Home with Hip Hop Feminism demonstrate how critically-engaged, community-centered, and culturally relevant research can serve as a catalyst for new areas of inquiry and social movements.

Durham USC Belonging Flier 2022.jpg

Belonging, Bell, and Black Feminism

University of S. Carolina

Durham Taaffe Syracuse 2022.jpg

Storying the Self

Syracuse University

Durham Boylorn NCA FAU 2022.jpg

Finding Your Academic Voice

Florida Atlantic University

Durham Meiji University 2022.jpg

Hip Hop Feminism: Artistry, Advocacy, Academy

Meiji University

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